Watch J. Cole Tease ‘The Off Season’ Mixtape in the “Album of the Year (Freestyle)” Video


    Watch J. Cole's New Video for "Album of the Year"

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    J. Cole is hungry

    On Monday, August 6th, J. Cole sent out a Tweet asking people to “feed” him beats.

    So who sent him the “Oochie Wally” beat?

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    On Wednesday August 8th, J. Cole released the video for the “Album of the Year (Freestyle).” On the track J. Cole is going in over the Nas and Bravehearts classic. The video begins with a message: “What you are about to witness is a master class on preparation. The Off Season.”

    The Off Season seems to be an upcoming mixtape. And, in the video’s description, he describes how that will be the prelude to The Fall Off, J. Cole’s next album.

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    J. Cole fans are the ultimate sleuths. And fans on the Internet noticed something interesting about the cover:

    J. Cole released his KOD album back in April. Watch the “Album of the Year (Freestyle)” below.

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