Resident DJ Daniel T. releases new single “Heat-Wave” ahead of debut LP, verifies the fact that “It’s Always Sunny in Los Angeles”


    Heyyyy-o, dance lovers. It appears that L.A.-based DJ Daniel Terndrup — better known among proper circles as Daniel T. — has been reveling in the ferocious SoCal sunshine this summer while the rest of us have been haplessly melting away into piles of soup-like human Play-Doh.

    How do I know this? Well, he’s just released a bright, cheerful new track called “Heat-Wave” (not to be confused with his resident production of the same name at L.A.’s Gold Diggers club), and it comes ahead of the release of his upcoming LP Heliotrope, which will be his debut on Cascine.

    The record is due out September 14, and it indeed maintains the cheery disposition and bright, upbeat jams that Terndrup has become known for ever since his Cosmic Kids days:

    “The overall mood of my music tends to be somewhat optimistic and pleasant,” the Los Angeles producer says. “I think those tones are often ignored in underground electronic music. Moods tend to feel dark and ominous, which are not necessarily feelings that fuel me creatively.”

    You can pre-order Heliotrope right over here via Omnian Music Group. And also, if you find yourself in either L.A., NYC, or Munich between now and October, you may be able to catch Daniel T. DJ-ing at one of his presumably very festive dance parties (see exact dates and locations below).

    Stay cool out there this summer, kiddos, and remember: try not to let that “Heat-Wave” get you.

    Heliotrope tracklisting:

    01. Breath Mint
    02. Call (feat. Ohara Hale)
    03. Moonlight Bounce
    04. Heat-Wave
    05. Rosewood Strut
    06. Master Plan
    07. Heliotrope
    08. Back Again (feat. Turbotito)
    09. JoJo’s Jam
    10. Ovals
    11. Windy Lady (feat. Eiko Hara)
    12. Redline

    Daniel T. DJ dates:

    08.30.18 – Los Angeles, CA – Gold Diggers
    08.31.18 – Brooklyn, NY – Black Flamingo
    09.08.18 – Munich, Germany – Charlie
    10.04.18 – Brooklyn, NY – Elsewhere

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