Mick Jenkins flexes his lyrical muscle on new joint “Bruce Banner”


    Mick Jenkins has had enough.

    He is sick of the “lil-s,” he is sick of the whole concept of clout, he is sick of non-talented artists running hip-hop, he is ready to be given the credit he deserves, and I don’t blame him. “Bruce Banner” is a product of Mick’s anger and is a wake-up call to the rap industry. I haven’t heard a song this angry from a rapper so under-appreciated by the general public since Big KRIT’s Mt. Olympus, and that fire turned into an absolutely fantastic new project.

    “Bruce Banner” is littered with lyrical gems and jabs at the new mumble rap and autotune sensations saturating Soundcloud. Recently, there has been much talk of biting flows, mainly since the ascension of Valee. Mick addresses this saying, “There’s a couple chefs in this game, and a whole lot of biters.” He then takes a shot at the dumbing down of rap lyrics and overall ignorance of this generation saying, “If intelligent conversation was dribbling, you would be traveling.” He flexes his remarkable pop-culture muscle, mentioning fictional character Alex Cross, the creator of this character and author James Patterson, and NBA MVP James Harden, all in one line. One of the lighter bars states, “My shorty look like she come from were they growing y’all weave at,” which couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face. Jenkins also alludes to Black Thought and Questlove, two artists that would certainly be more agreeable with Mick than the “them” Mick continuously mentions. However, my favorite line of the whole track is, “Y’all throwing shade, I three-man weave that, It’s been a one-man fast break, y’all ain’t even seen the team yet.”

    Mick Jenkins is ridiculously talented and I am very glad he is so upset. I can only imagine how incredible his next project will be as he is obviously driven by some indescribable exasperation. Go see for yourself.




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