Collapse Drill for Team Defense



The purpose of this drill is to make sure players are backing up bases correctly, especially outfielders.

Set Up

  • Have players take their positions on the field, including pitcher and catcher. Coach is at-bat.


  1. Coach announces a situation and hits the ball to an infielder who then on purpose makes either a fielding or throwing error.
    For example, you could say “bunt with no one on base.
  2. The goal here is for players, especially outfielders, to be backing up each infield position correctly.
  3. On the example below, the third basemen would field the bunt and overthrow first base and the second basemen and right fielder would need to be backing up the play.
Coach hits fly ball to right, runner tags and right fielder overthrows the catcher forcing the pitcher to back up the play.
Here, third baseman fields the ball and throws wild to first forcing right fielder to back up the play.

Coaching Tips

  • Without telling outfielders you can arrange signals with the infielders to indicate what type of error they should make – for example, a closed fist indicates a fielding error, an open hand indicates a throwing error.
  • Allow your infielders to “act” as they make the error and to have fun in this drill.
  • You can add baserunners and create more complex situations to really test your players understanding of how to back up plays.

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Samantha Show Transferring From Texas A&M to Oklahoma State


Former Texas A&M pitcher Samantha Show announced via Twitter on Sunday night that she would be transferring to Oklahoma State.

Show played three seasons at Texas A&M helping lead the Aggies to three NCAA Tournament appearances including a trip to the Women’s College World Series in 2017.  She posted a 56-22 record during her three seasons with the Aggies and a 2.88 ERA. Show’s numbers drop in each of the three seasons going from 25 wins and 202 innings in 2016 to 19 wins and 137 innings in 2017 and 12 wins and 103 innings in 2018. It’s worth noting the Aggies had six pitchers in 2018 throw at least 31 innings which contributed to Show’s numbers declining.

The Aggies now lose Show to go along with Trinity Harrington, and Lexi Smith who both have graduated. Show did not pitch in the Super Regionals in Gainesville against the Florida Gators in their three-game battle. Show’s last appearance as an Aggie pitcher came during the College Station Regional in a win against Praire View A&M on May 18th.

She joins the Cowgirls taking over for Emmie Robertson who graduated after leading the team in ERA in 2018. Oklahoma State hopes Show can form a 1-2 punch with Samantha Clakley who led Oklahoma State with 16 wins. Show also can hit, and it will be interesting to see if Oklahoma State Head Coach Kenny Gajewski uses Show as a full-time two-way player.


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High School and Club Players of the Week: Nicole May and Tiare Jennings


Nicole May

Nicole May – OC Batbusters MS

P, 2020

Foothill High School – Pleasanton, CA

Committed: Oklahoma

Previously helping her team to a PGF Nationals Title in 2017, Nicole May is ranked nationally and in California. She has come back strong in 2018. She was sharp at the Boulder IDT tournament this past weekend. May’s team, the OC Batbusters MS, battled through the first three days of pool play, they finished 6-0. May played a major role in the run her team made. In the championship game, she went 4.1 innings allowing two runs while striking out three.

Tiare Jennings

Tiare Jennings – OC Batbusters MS

2B/SS, 2020

St. Anthony High School – Long Beach, CA

Committed: Oklahoma

Another Oklahoma commit, Tiare Jennings was a standout player in last weekend’s Boulder IDT tournament. On the list of the top players in California as well as nationally, Jennings finished her high school season with a .560 average with 49 hits. Taking that same momentum into the club season, she contributed to four out of the nine runs scored in the championship. Going 2-4, Jennings had both of her hits result in home runs. The first inning she had a three-run shot to set the tone, then came a solo shot in the top of the sixth giving her four RBI’s

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Tournament Recap: 2018 Boulder IDT


Gathering at the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills in Boulder, Colorado for the 21st year, 80 teams were in attendance for the IDT softball tournament. IDT Boulder uses ten fields at both the Stazio Complex and the East Mapleton Complex for a great softball competition site. Also included in the IDT play are an additional 32 teams in the 18u division at the Louisville Sports Complex, 56 in the 16U at Longmont, and 14U with a total 48 teams in Broomfield. The tournament gives additional opportunities for recruitment in an IDT All-Star game that kicks off the five-day event for each respective age division’s uncommitted athletes.

With pool play determining the single elimination bracket, each 18U team has six pool-play games Wednesday through Friday and bracket play on Saturday/Sunday. California teams took over across the board in pool play with Corona Angel MT, OC Batbusters RB, OC Batbusters MS, Batbuster Gomes, Explosion BD, and the Grapettes all going 6-0. Also doing very well in pool play going 5-1 and only allowing one run each to be scored was Georgia’s EC Bullets TC, New Jersey Intensity KOD, and the Nebraska Gold LS.

Bracket Play

The Georgia Impact Premier -Lewis made a solid run in both pool and bracket play at Boulder IDT, making it to the championship game and finishing as the runner-up. Getting through the first two days in Boulder, the GA Impact Premier walked away with four wins in their first four games. Moving on to the last day of pool play, Friday was a slight struggle for wins when the Impact Premier tied one and lost one before bracket play to the OC Batbusters of California. Coming into bracket play, Coach Lewis and the GA Impact Premier appeared determined heading into bracket play, the team blew out their first opponent by nine and then proceeded to win each of the remaining two games of the day by three to advance to Sunday. Making it to the final stages of the bracket, Kelley Lynch throws a perfect game against the California Sorcerers to eliminate them before moving past the TN Fury (5-1). Unfortunately for they suffered a loss in the championship game against the Batbusters, the same team they had trouble with earlier in the week.

Struggling with their first few days of the Boulder IDT tournament, the Tennessee Fury Premier fought back to make it to the last four teams of bracket play. Losing two of their first four games, the Fury earned their first two wins with help from their offense and defense. Frace Osbron had a five-RBI game on Wednesday, Ashley Rogers shutout the Ohio Outlaws Yun (3-0) on Thursday. The final day of pool play (Friday) was defiantly more successful for them, earning two solid wins to end the day. Once bracket play started, the team came out stronger than the previous days and successfully made it to the final four. A shutout by Rogers on Saturday, helped advance them past the Illinois Chill. They ended their run on Sunday being eliminated by the Georgia Impact. Splitting time on the rubber with Rogers is pitcher Hannah Koenig, both contributed to the success of the Fury.

Championship Game

Coming into the championship, only the OC Batbusters MS of California and the Georgia Impact Premier – Lewis were left in 18U bracket play. The Batbusters came out with a literal bang when Tiare Jennings hit a three-run homer in the first inning. The Impact answered back with a solo shot over the fence in the bottom of the first by Skylar Wallace. The Batbusters wasted no time in their next at-bat scoring three more runs to extend their lead to six, thanks to a home run by UCLA commit Colleen Sullivan. On the mound, Nicole May pitched 4.1 innings for the win, allowing only two runs, and striking out three. The Impact’s Vanessa Oatley spun 4.2 innings in the championship game before passing the ball to Kelley Lynch to end the game. OC Batbusters MS ended the game (9-3) with 13 hits, and finished the tournament undefeated.

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Blind Drill for Fielding



This drill helps fielders quickly locate a fly ball ball in the air and get a good jump on it. Stresses good communication among the outfielders.

Set Up

  • Player and coach stand roughly 20 yards apart in an open space. The player has her back to the coach.


  1. Coach says, “Go” and tosses a ball in the air.
  2. The fielder turns and turn and finds the ball in the air, then runs to catch it before it hits the ground.
  3. If you are running this drill with two players, they should first communicate with each other as to who is going to catch it. The outfielder who is not catching the ball should assume a backup position.
  4. Outfielder catches the ball and throws it back to the coach.

Coaching Tips

  • Outfielders should be calling loudly for the ball – “ball, ball, ball” or “mine, mine, mine” or “I got it, I got it, I got it” or something similar. •
  • The centerfielder is “the king of the outfielders” and overrules the other two.
  • Outfielders should be catching the ball with glove foot forward so they are positioned to make a good strong throw.

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Parachute Hitting Drill



This drill teaches batter to take a full swing and follow through without slowing down at the point of contact.

Set Up

  • Batters can be set up anywhere on the field.  Multiples batters can perform this drill at once!


1. A bat parachute or another device, like a donut or heavy wrap is placed on the bat.

2.  Batter gets into their hitting stance.

3.  Batter swings the bat making sure to continue on when resistance provided by one of the devices above is encountered.

Coaching Tips

  • Many young batters stop at contact. This drill teaches them to continue past resistance.
  • At follow-through, batter’s back foot should have shoelaces pointed toward pitcher, hips should be square to pitcher and the hands should finish high at shoulder level.
  • Make sure batter is not slowing down during swing. They should be finishing as fast as possible.
  • Batter should strive to keep head still, go all the way around fast and finish balanced.

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Rapid Fire Pitching Drill



In this drill, the pitcher works on arm speed and arm conditioning.

Set Up

  • Pitcher stands on the mound (35-40 feet away).
  • A coach or player stands nearby with a bucket of 20 to 25 softballs.
  • Catcher is behind home plate.
Pitcher throws pitches one right after the other in this fast-paced drill.


  1. Pitcher walks through her delivery and throws the ball to the catcher.
  2. Catcher drops the ball to the ground.
  3. Coach or player feeds the pitcher a new ball and pitcher throws it to the catcher.
  4. Drill continues until the bucket of balls is empty (20-25 pitches)
  5. Pitcher should be getting the next ball and throwing quickly.

Coaching Tips

  • The object of this drill is to go through it as fast as possible to fatigue the pitcher. If one bucket of balls doesn’t do the trick you can use another bucket or two.
  • Make sure pitcher is using her proper motion on each pitch – you don’t want her to go so fast that she develops bad habits in her motion.
  • This is a good drill for pitchers who think too much on the mound, it forces them to be quick and make physical adjustments on the fly.

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Club Spotlight: Windermere Wildfire 16U Paulson


The Windermere Wildfire is a team with a fascinating start-up story and has produced an enormous amount of continued success in their athletes. The organization was started in 2006 by George Paulson, a Georgia Tech graduate who was a four-year starter on the American International Collegiate Yellow Jackets tennis team. In the twelve years of its existence, the Wildfire has had 66 alumni who have gone on to play in college in conferences such as the ACC, American, ASUN, Southern, Big South, Conference USA, etc. This includes Sabrina Stutsman, who recently played in the WCWS for Florida State, and Alexia Taylor, who was a key starter for Liberty University this year.

George and assistant coach, David Taylor, have come back to work on building another strong and highly recruited team even with daughters off to college at Boston College, UNC Charlotte, and Liberty University. Currently, the Wildfire have five girls who have committed different programs:

  • #10 Bryce Adkinson OF, 2020 – Murray State University
  • #21 Taylor Krapf Catcher, 2021 – Duke University
  • #20 Megan Wright OF, 2020 – University of Central Florida
  • #48 Chrissy Fleming OF, 2020 – Furman University
  • #19 Claire Ginder SS, 2020 – Furman University

“I believe what makes this team, program and organization special is that it does not rely on having the backing of a big organization. The successes have been built upon quality play and quality athletes. Needless to say, the publicity is not the same as if we were part of the Firecrackers, Impact, Vipers, etc., but our athletes can and do compete,” says Leslie Ginder of the Windermere Wildfire organization.

The coaches work extremely hard to instill hard work, personal responsibility, sportsmanship, and being a good teammate into the culture of the team. In 2015, the Wildfire won the 2015 18U National Championship, proving they have competitive players at each level. Last summer, the team finished in the top 10 at the ASA 14U National Championship. This year in July, the Windermere Wildfire will be playing in the 16U National Championship in Kent, Washington.

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High School and Club Players of the Week: Syd Supple and Lexi Kilfoyl


Syd Supple
Oshkosh HS, WI
Committed: Northwestern University 2019

Returning as Wyoming’s Gatorade Player of the Year, the 5’10’ junior, left-handed pitcher compiled a 25-2 record with a 0.97 ERA in the circle this past season. Supple lead her team to the Division 1 sectional quarterfinals and a 25-2 final record. She struck out 238 batters and allowed only 94 hits in 166.1 innings pitched. At the plate, she produced a .460 batting average with six home runs, 32 runs scored, 39 runs batted in and a .828 slugging percentage.

Lexi Kilfoyl
Academy at the Lakes, FL
Committed: University of Alabama

The 6’ 2” junior right-handed pitcher led the Wildcats to a 26-4 record and the Class 2A state championship this past season. Kilfoyl posted a 23-1 mark in the circle with a 0.32 earned run average and 249 strikeouts in 154 innings pitched. At the plate, Kilfoyl produced a .482 batting average with five home runs, 35 RBI, a .585 on-base percentage and a .788 slugging percentage. A member of the 2017 USA Softball Junior National Team, she fired an 11-inning shutout and stroked the game-winning double in the Wildcats’ 1-0 win over Aucilla Christian High in the state title game.

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2018 FPN NCAA DI All-American Team


Fastpitch News has released its 2018 FPN NCAA DI Pitching and Offensive All-American Selections. Below you will find our Pitcher of the Year, Player of the year and our full list of All-Americans.

2018 Pitcher of the Year

Rachel Garcia

Garcia was exceptional all season long for the Bruins posting a 29-4 record with 315 strikeouts and a 1.31 ERA. She was one of the main reasons that UCLA made it to the WCWS. It should be noted that she also was a major contributor with her bat as well posting a .339 average with 11 home runs and 54 RBI’s on the season.

2018 Player of the Year

Jocelyn Alo

Alo becomes the first freshman we name the player of the year. The Hauula, Hawaii native ended the season with 30 home runs, a .420 batting average, .549 on-base and a .977 slugging percentage with 72 RBI’s.

  • Jocelyn Alo – Freshman – Oklahoma
  • Alyssa DiCarlo – Junior – Georgia
  • Amanda Lorenz – Junior – Florida
  • Meghan Gregg – Senior – Tennessee
  • Jessica Hartwell – Junior – Texas Tech
  • Ivie Drake – Senior – Georgia State
  • Aaliyah Jordan – Freshman – UCLA
  • Jessie Warren – Senior – Florida State
  • Lilli Piper – Junior – Ohio State
  • Kendyl Lindaman – Sophomore – Minnesota
  • Rachel Garcia – Sophomore – UCLA
  • Miranda Elish – Sophomore – Oregon
  • Paige Parker – Senior – Oklahoma
  • Kelly Barnhill – Junior – Florida
  • Megan Kleist – Junior – Oregon

  • Vanessa Shippy – Senior – Oklahoma State
  • Holly Speers – Senior – Kent State
  • Aubrey Leach – Junior – Tennessee
  • Kendyl Scott – Senior – Towson
  • Kristi DiMeo – Freshman – Drexel
  • Katie Prebble – Freshman – Gardner-Webb
  • Morgan Tolle – Senior – James Madison
  • Erika Piancastelli – Senior – McNeese State
  • Bryce Holmgren – Junior – Syracuse
  • Rachel Lewis – Freshman – Northwestern
  • Meghan Beaubien – Freshman – Michigan
  • Mary Haff – Freshman – Arkansas
  • Giselle Juarez – Sophomore – Arizona State
  • Meghan King – Junior – Florida State
  • Gabbie Plain – Freshman – Washington

  • Brook Miko – Senior – Towson
  • Jessica Scroggins – Senior – Baylor
  • Madison Cathcart – Sophomore – Seattle
  • Krystal Puga – Senior – St. John’s (NY)
  • Savannah Horvath – Senior – CSUN
  • Kate Gordon – Sophomore – James Madison
  • Jena Cozza – Senior – Massachusetts
  • Sydney Romero – Junior – Oklahoma
  • Cortni Emanuel – Senior – Georgia
  • Mia Davidson – Freshman – Mississippi State
  • Nicole DeWitt – Senior – Florida
  • Alyssa Palomino – Sophomore – Arizona
  • Sis Bates – Sophomore – Washington
  • Gwen Svekis – Senior – Oregon
  • Kelsey Horton – Junior – New Mexico State
  • Kylee Hanson – Senior – Florida State
  • Aleshia Ocasio – Senior – Florida
  • Alexa Romero – Sophomore – Syracuse
  • Taylor McQuillin – Junior – Arizona
  • Brittany Gray – Senior – Georgia
  • Randi Rupp – Senior – Texas State
  • Emily Watson – Senior – Tulsa
  • Taran Alvelo – Junior – Washington
  • Lindsey Bert – Senior – Furman
  • Nicole Newman – Junior – Drake
  • Cielo Meza – Sophomore – Long Beach State
  • Alexis Osorio – Senior – Alabama
  • Carley Hoover – Senior – LSU
  • Amber Fiser – Sophomore – Minnesota
  • Danielle Stiene – Senior – Ohio

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