LeBron James & Royal Family Showed Out in Queen City for Bronny 👑

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LeBron James and the rest of the Royal Family pulled up to the USBA Nationals in Charlotte, NC to support Bronny and the North Coast Blue Chips as they took on the Connecticut Select.

Bronny, Mikey Williams and Rayvon Griffith balled out as their squad concluded group play 3-0.

Check out the full game highlights in the video above!

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Report: Carmelo Anthony Traded to Hawks in Three-Team Deal


The Oklahoma City Thunder are sending Carmelo Anthony and a lottery protected 2022 first round pick to the Atlanta Hawks in a three-team deal that includes point guard Dennis Schroder, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. Melo will be waived and the Rockets are frontrunners to sign him in free agency.

Atlanta and OKC had been discussing a possible trade over the past few days.

The move gives the Thunder another ball handler in Schroder and saves them nearly $100 million in luxury tax money, while the Hawks will buy out the remaining $27.9 million on Anthony’s contract.

As part of the deal, the Thunder will send Mike Muscala to the 76ers in exchange for Timothé Luwawu-Cabarrot and Justin Anderson will go from Philly to Atlanta.

Report: Hawks, Thunder Discussing Carmelo-Schroder Trade

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SLAM 217 Is On Sale Now! 🙌


SLAM 217 spotlights one of the most decorated athletes of all time and the second woman to ever appear on the cover (Maya Moore), New York’s next great point guard (Cole Anthony), and the 2018 NBA champs (Golden State Warriors). The issue also features a special section dedicated to NYC hoops, with features on high schoolers Jalen Lecque, Kofi Cockburn, and much, much more.

Peep all three cover stories at the links below, stay posted for more fire content from the mag over the next few weeks, and head to your local newsstand or order a copy here!

Photos via Rayon Richards, Sara Rubenstein and Getty. 

Recognize the Absurd GREATNESS of Maya Moore 🗣
COLE SUMMER: High School Point Guard Cole Anthony Runs New York 🗽
All the Ways the Warriors Dynasty Could Be Brought to an End 🏆

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Report: Marcus Smart Agrees to 4-year, $52M Deal with Celtics


marcus smart celtics

Marcus Smart is returning to the Boston Celtics on a four-year deal worth $52 million, according to Yahoo’s Shams Charania.

Smart remained “loyal and communicative” with Brad Stevens and his teammates during the contentious negotiation process, per Charania.

Report: Marcus Smart ‘Hurt and Disgusted’ By Celtics’ Silence

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DeMarcus Cousins on Critics: ‘I Don’t Give a F**k’


DeMarcus Cousins isn’t spending a lot time fretting over what people think of his decision to join the Golden State Warriors this summer.

Cousins says playing for the two-time defending NBA champs was the best move for his career, and couldn’t care less about critics’ gripes.

Boogie inked a one-year, $5.3 million deal with the Dubs instead of holding out for a better offer from a bad team.

Per SHOWTIME Sports (via SI):

“This is my ace of spades,” Cousins said of the deal. “This is my nuclear bomb. My last resort.”

Many fans were not happy when Cousins accepted the Warriors deal. However, the center won’t let their criticism stop him.

“Yeah, I could’ve probably gotten a decent contract from a bad team but how does that help me? I’m already fighting a career-ending injury. I’m not going to put myself in an already bad situation to try to prove my value or my worth as a player in a situation that’s not looking to win. I knew how it would be perceived from some. I don’t give a f—. I’m saying it now because I’ve seen the reaction, but I didn’t give a f—. I knew where my ace was and we made the call.

“There’s some motherf—— out there that’s probably ripping their hair out right now, and I love it. It’s just another test for me to overcome. I’ve been through so much adversity, if I sat there and dwelled on those moments, where the f— would I be right now? I don’t need anybody feeling sorry for me. I’m a fighter, and I never give up, and I’m taking this challenge head on.”

DeMarcus Cousins: ‘This is My Chess Move’

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Maverick Carter: ‘LeBron Will Be Owning a Basketball Team’


According to Maverick Carter, ten years from now, “LeBron will be owning a basketball team.”

James’ longtime business partner says LeBron has also looked into NFL team ownership once his NBA playing days come to an end.

James currently owns a 2% stake in England’s Liverpool soccer club.

Per Variety:

After signing a four-year $153 million deal to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James may already be thinking about his streams of revenue after retiring from the NBA. According to Maverick Carter, his business partner, James is looking to own a U.S. professional sports franchise, likely either basketball or football.

“He does like football and he’s looked at football ownership, so he’ll be owning a basketball team and running it,” Carter told Variety’s Audrey Cleo.

Report: LeBron’s Investment In Liverpool Has Grown From $6.5M To $32M 💵

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Lil Penny the Legend: Celebrating Penny Hardaway’s Iconic Commercials 🎬


Widely considered as one of the most prolific and must-see talents to ever grace the NBA hardwood, today we celebrate Penny Hardaway as he turns 47 years old.

A four-time All-Star, two-time All-NBA First Team selection, and former SLAM cover star born and raised in Memphis, Tenn., Hardaway has undoubtedly made his mark on the basketball world.

While Hardaway is known for his low-key style of play that let his game speak for itself, we’re taking a look back at his television commercials that helped show a different side of the former star with his captivating alter-ego, Lil Penny.

Lil Penny says he’s friends with KG

Lil Penny tries to pick up Tyra Banks

Lil Penny hooping

Penny Hardaway, from nothing into something

Lil Penny throws a house party

Lil Penny meets Tyra Banks at the basketball court

RELATED: Jayden Hardaway To Play For Father Penny Hardaway At Memphis


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Lonzo Ball Undergoes Arthroscopic Left Knee Surgery


The Los Angeles Lakers announced that point guard Lonzo Ball underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left knee.

Ball, 20, is expected to be ready for the start of training camp.

Lonzo missed the final eight games of his rookie season.


The Lakers second-year guard had been looking into different options to treat a torn meniscus in his left knee, including platelet-rich plasma injection treatment and over a month of rest.

Once healthy, Ball will be competing with veteran Rajon Rondo, signed in free agency, for the starting point guard position. The Lakers have said that the four starting spots around LeBron James will be up for competition in camp.

“I’ve told everybody when I took over the job and then we drafted him, the one thing that [Ball] was missing was a mentor,” said Magic Johnson, Lakers president of basketball operations. “We really didn’t have a mentor for him to really teach him and help him how to play the point guard position.

“And now we have one in Rondo that can really take him through how to read defenses, how to play and defend certain guys in the league at the position. Just talk basketball to. So, this is really going to be an important year for Lonzo and I think Rondo will really help him out a lot.”

Report: Lonzo Ball Has a Torn Meniscus

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Dwyane Wade Talks About New Lifetime Deal with Li-Ning and the Way of Wade 7


Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade signed with Li-Ning in 2012, leaving a deal with the Jordan Brand. The Chicago-bred Wade was serving as a pioneer, testing the basketball market in China. Li-Ning is a major company out east, but people in the States didn’t have the awareness. Now Wade’s seven sneakers deep into his signature line and is the face of his own brand. The Way of Wade line operates in concert with Li-Ning, but it’s all Wade’s vision.

The three-time champ is out in Beijing right now, where he just unveiled the WoW7. And he also announced that he’s signing a lifetime deal with Li-Ning. We caught up with the future Hall of Famer, via phone, to break down why he’s on-board till the sun stops shining.

SLAM: You’ve officially inked a lifetime deal. But back in 2012, it was probably tough to see all of this coming to reality. What was running through your mind when you made your decision back then?

Dwyane Wade: I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous. I’m from Chicago, I’m from the states, I know the brands of the U.S. and when I got the opportunity to sit down with Li-Ning, it was really my first time talking about a brand outside of the states. So when I was sitting there deciding what to do, I had to come up with my pros and cons. When I did, there was so many more pros than there were cons. The only con that I kept coming back to was something so simple, like the “cool factor.” For me, ultimately, it became a no-brainer. But the first couple of thoughts that I had were just being a little nervous about taking a leap, taking a step and just doing something different. But once I got out of myself and said, “Hey, this is what you want to do,” it became an easy decision. 

SLAM: You recently said that growing this brand has been one of the “proudest achievements” of your career. Why has this been so fulfilling?

DW: Today when I was on stage and I was just sitting there thinking about young individuals. My 11 year old son was watching. To be able to teach somebody to do something that is maybe out of the norm, especially in the sport that I’m in and to be sitting here and to be the athlete, to have a lifetime deal because I opened a brand–this is an inspiration. My hope is that there’s going to be other opportunities, there’s going to be other times where athletes and individually kids are going to have that moment where they’re going to be scared to take that step. I just want to be a voice in their head when they do, when they have that opportunity and just say, “Listen, if it’s something that you can do, if it’s something that you really want to do, don’t worry about if it’s the popular choice, don’t worry about what other people think, put your all into it and great things will come of it.” 

SLAM: What’s the story behind the Way of Wade 7? 

DW: When we sit down with my Wade 6 and now my Wade 7, big Joe, my designer over here, [it was] just sitting down and trying to create what I wanted. I wanted to just go back and tell stories about my basketball career. Even going back to the Converse shoe that I wore before and taking elements of things I liked about it. Trying to put it next to the sneaker and then going back to the color themes, and all of these things tell a story.

SLAM: You go back to China every summer. What’s the energy been like over there?

DW: The energy, man, the energy is crazy. The game of basketball has been huge for a while over here and for me to be a part of my own brand, the love is so special, man. My tours every year, it gets more, more, more. And it’s not just more people, but it’s more support. When I see everybody show up to my events now, I watch everybody wear nothing but Li-Ning elite gear. When I first came out here, it wasn’t like that. 

SLAM: There’s going to be an increased Way of Wade and Li-Ning presence in America soon. What’s the next step for you all?

DW: On the Wade side, I’m trying to continue to grow my brand and also understand that at some point someone is going to have to wear my shoes on the court one day. Just trying to sit down and seeing the plan for what that looks like. We’ve done a good job so far. We kind of tested it a little bit, and a lot of it has been with guys I’ve had a relationship with. Now you need guys to take the step to come over to Li-Ning and really be happy about the partnership. It’s more than just, “Hey, I want to get a check in China.” It’s really like, “Now I’m going to build something, I want to be a part of something.”

So you definitely want people to have that mindset. That’s the criteria. You want people to have the mindset of wanting to be a part of something special. That’s something that we’re already starting to touch on. I’m very fashionable and we’re bringing that into my line. It’s a good time right now for the Li-Ning brand, but also the Wade brand and we’re doing it our way.​

Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade
Dwyane Wade

Max Resetar is an Associate Editor at SLAM. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Photos via Li-Ning.

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