Six Favorites from the Goodwood 2018 Cartier Style et Luxe


The Festival of Speed, at its heart, is a motorsports event. Most participating cars are run hard, sporting black exhaust soot, dirt, and tire scrub from multiple runs up the Goodwood hill. Because of this, the FoS is refreshingly free of the snootiness that accompanies events like Pebble Beach and Villa d’Este—it’s more a show for the people than for the moneyed folk, in spite of the royal setting. However, for those afflicted with the concours bug, luxury kingpin Cartier invites a select field of incredibly special cars for the intimate “Cartier Style et Luxe” show, located just south of the stablehouse. There’s great variety, so check out our favorites.

1994 De Tomaso Guara

While you might know the De Tomaso primarily for the Pantera and earlier Mangusta, the defunct Italian automaker produced a number of other sports and touring cars since its founding in 1959. The wild Guara was the most recent “production” model to date, first introduced back in 1993. The design is based heavily on the Maserati Barchetta Stradale concept from 1991, incorporating the same smoothed-down wedge design. The Guara was built in three configurations—coupe, barchetta, and spider. This particular car is powered by a BMW V-8, giving it a top speed of over 160 mph.

1972 Monteverdi 375L

Like most of De Tomaso’s creations, this blend of European design and American muscle is affectionately known as a hybrid—albeit quite a bit different from the hybrids of today. The 375L uses Swiss/Italian coachwork motivated by a massive 7.2-liter Chrysler V-8, returning a top speed just under 150 mph.

1958 Devin-Porsche Spyder

Built on the bones of a crashed 356A Speedster, this car inspired the Devin D series that followed soon after. Don’t think of this as some kitcar hack job—Devins are well respected among enthusiasts. A cluster of Devins even made the green of The Quail last year, where they served as one of the featured marques.

1970 Citroen M35

This swept-back coupe is an example of something that just doesn’t happen anymore. Built as an experimental production car, the M35 was offered to loyal Citroen customers for evaluation.  Based on the popular Ami, you can trace the M35’s bloodline all the way back to the agricultural 2CV, but the coupe’s tech far outpaces the luddite 2CV. In place of the flat-2 and flat-4 powertrains in the Ami, the M35 utilizes a single-rotor rotary engine, returning right around 49 hp. The chassis was rather advanced as well, offering a chance at Citroen’s famed hydropneumatic suspension in a small package.

1919 Ford Model TT Shell Fuel Tanker

It’s not all European fanciness that made this year’s Style et Luxe. Back in the heyday of the Model T, buyers looking for more utility opted for the Model TT, Ford’s designated truck platform. It arrived as a complete chassis, requiring the buyer to fashion a body. Most ended up wearing the recognizable wooden stake bed, while others were converted into buses, haulers, and tankers, like this Shell example.

1958 Edsel Citation Convertible

It’s a shame the Edsel was such a spectacular failure—they’re charming in the way that only the excess of the 1950s and 1960s could manage. The Citation was the top-of-the-line Edsel, riding on the same platform as contemporary Mercury.

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goopy Frozen Treats for Summer


goopy Frozen Treats for Summer

goopy Frozen Treats for Summer

In partnership with our friends at

When it’s seriously hot out, the icy treat comes into its own. We’ve created some healthy, delicious versions that are pure goop: a gut-healthy blood orange kombucha float, banana bonbons topped with superfoods, and creamy turmeric coconut protein pops (made with bone broth powder—trust us, they’re so good) that will delight your sweet tooth and amp up your summertime glow.

  • Banana Bonbons

    Banana Bonbons

    Dark chocolate, cacao nibs, chia seeds, coconut flakes, and pink Himalayan salt turn this kid-friendly classic into something much more sophisticated. And the lovely, not-too-sweet, cool summer treat is incredibly easy to make.


  • Kombucha Float

    Kombucha Float

    A soda float is a quintessential summertime treat. This version uses sorbet and kombucha instead of ice cream and soda. While we love the combination of blood orange sorbet and classic black tea kombucha, you can mix and match whatever flavors you like. There’s no going wrong.


  • Blue Majik Lychee Boba Cooler

    Blue Majik Lychee Boba Cooler

    A dream come true if you like boba, slushies, and/or of-the-moment superfoods. The sweet, tropical flavor of lychee is the perfect foil for the nutrient-rich—albeit swampy-tasting—blue-green algae. The addition of boba makes this already-fun electric-blue drink really cool to look at.


  • Turmeric Coconut Protein Pops

    Turmeric Coconut Protein Pops

    These creamy coconut pops are incredibly easy to make and packed with good-for-you turmeric and hunger-curbing bone broth protein powder.


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Riding the Ghan Train in Australia’s Outback


Riding the Ghan Train in Australia's Outback

Riding the Ghan Train in Australia’s Outback is one of the most charming and adventurous ways you can explore South Australia. Immerse yourself in the Northern Territory across the expanses of the Outback.

I’ve always been a lover of train travel so I was incredibly excited to explore the great outback from Alice Springs to Darwin/Katherine by train. Riding the Ghan Train is the perfect way to explore the center of Australia.

Ready to book your trip on the Ghan Train? Here’s everything you need to know about riding the Ghan Train in Australia’s outback!

Ghan Train Food Cart

Rooms on the Ghan Train

Sometimes during a busy trip, I crave a bit of privacy. Just some time in which I can be alone and recollect my thoughts.

I loved that with The Ghan Gold Service I was able to get away for a while in my private sleeper.

Gold Service cabins come in two options; you can choose between a two-berth, if you’re traveling with someone else, or a single-berth, if you’ve decided to explore the outback solo.

Ghan Train in Australia

History of The Ghan

I love knowing the history of places I travel to, so this was a special experience for me! The name “Ghan” originates from 19th-century folklore when cameleers established paths in the Red Center.

At the time, the cameleers were believed to have come from Afghanistan. However, it’s now known that they were actually from modern-day Pakistan.

The Ghan was originally called the Afghan Express in 1929, but the name was eventually changed to The Ghan.

Originally, The Ghan was used to transfer people and supplies to Alice Springs. In the early 2000’s the tracks were replaced, and the train received a modern look. Today, the north to south cross-country journey covers 2979 kilometers and passes through diverse landscapes from the stunning South Australian plains, to the rusty reds of the MacDonnell Ranges, to the tropical greens of Katherine and Darwin.

The Ghan train is now one of the worlds’ most iconic rail lines.

Blonde Riding Ghan Train

Riding from Alice Springs to Katherine on The Ghan

The Ghan is specifically designed to evoke the golden age of rail travel. I felt this as soon as I got on board! The Ghan from Alice Springs to Katherine is a two day journey through the heart of Australia’s Northern Territory.

From the Red Center through the lush Top End, you get to experience the best of Australia’s Outback.

For the ultimate experience, book The Ghan Expedition, a three night and four day adventure, that takes you coast to coast (2,979km) between Adelaide and Darwin.

Friends Riding Ghan Train

Food on The Ghan Train

Anyone who knows me also knows how much I enjoy good food! The Ghan serves amazing regionally-sourced Australian food that is both tasty and fresh.

Complement your food with beer, wines and non-alcoholic beverages. Experience all kinds of Australian cuisine from Margaret River cheeses to Top End barramundi.

Depending on the class of your booking, you can have all meals and beverages included, as well as off-train excursions.


Experience the Australian Outback

You cannot help but feel completely taken in by the spectacular scenery that the Outback has to offer on board The Ghan. Trust me when I say that you’ll find it a struggle to stop staring, as you’ll be afraid that you’ll miss something great.

It is an incredible experience to be transported from the gorgeous rusty hues of the Red Center to the amazingly lush green hills surrounding the Adelaide. Plus always be on the lookout for kangaroos!

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Lexus Considering Electrified F Models


Lexus offers a host of hybrid vehicles, from the NX, RX, ES, GS, LS, and LC. It currently doesn’t have hybrid versions of its F performance vehicles, but that could soon change. Speaking with Auto Express, Lexus boss Yoshihiro Sawa admits there is a place for hybrid F vehicles, including a possible standalone GT model.

Sawa said, “One solution could be a pure F GT car, which could be a hybrid with an electric motor and a strong engine, giving a different kind of drive feel. We don’t stick to V8, V10, twin-turbocharged; they’re important but we’re looking at the future. We’d like to find a way to connect to the next era.”

Sawa talked about the need for the F sub-brand to use a variety of powertrain options in the future. “I think that now, we’re in a transitional period,” Sawa said. “At this moment people say EVs are trendy but three years later, who knows? People like the sound, the dynamics [of combustion engines]. I think we cannot stick to the one solution when it comes to providing emotion.”

The Lexus UX small crossover may be a more natural fit for a pure EV, Sawa says. The model, arriving later this year, has already been confirmed with a hybrid option that offers more power than the gas-only version.

To better compete with German rivals, Lexus wants to build a stronger emotional connection with buyers not only through its F vehicles but also through its overall design. In this vein, Sawa commented on the brand’s controversial spindle grille. He admits it’s polarizing, but the design seems to attract enough new customers to make it worthwhile.

“The rate of our sales growth has gone up since we introduced the spindle grille so while we know that some potential buyers don’t like it, many more are coming into our brand,” he said.

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Beauty: 3 summer products for wow hair


Is summer the number one enemy for our hair? Only if we forgot to take care of them! Sun, heat, seawater, and chlorine, can damage our locks, leaving them in need of some serious repair treatment. Nobody wants dry and dull hair! To avoid that, you only need to read this post until the end, because we’re unveiling you our top three summer products for wow hair that you must pack in your suitcase!


Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer

Oil is the best ally for our hair in the summertime. Applied before taking a dip in the sea or in the pool, it helps to protect your strands creating a waterproof film. It deeply nourishes hair, fighting against dryness. Number one oil? Coconut! And it’s also the very first ingredient of Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer: this blend of six featherlight oils (including Argan Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil) helps to soften, silken, and protect against breakage, without weighing hair down. This sublime pre-styler makes styling a breeze!

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's invisible oil ( - 28 $ )

Fresh Eau de Concombre di David Mallett 

On the beach or at the pool, hair needs constant hydration. Sun, heat, seawater, and chlorine can give us a bad straw-like effect. Remember to put in your beach bag a hair mist like David Mallett Fresh Eau de Concombre. Its main active ingredient is organic cucumber, the most perfect hydrating and soothing regimen for your hair. Its unique also contains hyaluronic acid that helps to improve thickness and gives hair a smoother look and feel, which can support easier combing and less hair breakage. Use it a lot: it’s perfect also for your body!


David Mallett Fresh Eau de concombre spray ( - 39 €)

SU Hair Mask di Davines

After a long day by the sea, our hair needs some cuddles as well! An after-sun hair mask is the best rescue remedy to fight dryness and give a wow effect to our strands. You should try Davines SU Hair Mask di Davines, a complete anti-age treatment to replace softness, moisture and shin even to the driest and most opaque hair. Its main active ingredient are Chinotto from Savona, that has an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action, and Argan Oil, that gives a nourishing effect. Comb through hair, during and after sun exposure, and leave in for 5 -15 minutes, depending on your needs. Everybody will ask you the secret of your gorgeous hair!


Davines Essential Haircare SU Hair Mask ( - 18,20 €)



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Quick Take: 2018 Jaguar XE 25t R-Sport AWD


Pricing is a hell of a thing. I didn’t know the price of our 2018 Jaguar XE 25t R-Sport AWD two-week loaner when I was driving it around Los Angeles, but the lengthy model name should have been a big enough hint that it was expensive.

This athletic mid-sized luxury sedan stickers for an eye-watering $60,645, over $10,000 beyond the model’s $48,325 starting price. When I was tootling through the sunny boulevards of my city, I figured I was only driving about $50,000 of kit at most. Man was I wrong.

I had to lead with the price because although the XE is quick, handles great, and is laden with some useful tech, the experience of living with the car falls short of the suggested retail value, especially when compared with a similarly optioned 2018 Audi A4 Quattro S-Line (manual!) we had in the garage earlier, which finished much closer to the $50k mark.

Our tester wore attention grabbing Caesium blue paint, which won some affection from our staff but drew the ire of those that prefer a more subdued color scheme. As an R-Sport car, the XE wears an R-Design body kit which adds some aggression to the sedan’s styling and also bestows it with a trunk lid spoiler.

Other cosmetic enhancements include the $360 Black Design Package, which blacks out the grille, side vents, and bumper blades. As a finishing touch, the Jaguar also rode on optional 19-in. wheels, which contributed another $1,020 to the final price. The aggressive styling must work too, more than one Alfa Romeo Giulia driver seemed keen to tailgate and then fly by during my morning commutes. Who says there isn’t competition in the sports sedan segment?

Acceleration from the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine is fleet and without drama thanks to the AWD system. Jaguar claims our tester should be good for a 6.3-second 0-60 mph sprint, and it felt about that brisk when launched. An eight-speed automatic transmission handles the gear changes but the general consensus among our staff is that the engine and gearbox don’t communicate as well as they should in an executive sedan.

At times, it’s tough for us LA drivers to open up our cars on the road and really let them breathe, but I had a chance to hustle the XE through some of the better on-and-off ramps in the area. After my disappointment with the wheezy-sounding Ingenium-family powerplant in traffic systems, bending the Jaguar through some more exciting corners proved to be the sedan’s saving grace. Turn the wheel and the weight is just right, unwind and get ready for the next turn. All it needs is a better powertrain and then this XE would become a proper Jaguar.

As a commuter, the 25t R-Sport AWD does a lot right, much of which is thanks to the $3,265 Technology Package. Save the lack of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, I enjoy the Jaguar-Land Rover infotainment system, upgraded to the 10-inch display with the “Pro” version of the interface and navigation. The graphics are clean, the responsiveness is generally at the level of a smart phone, and the user interface is intuitive with obvious menu options. There’s also a digital display in the gauge cluster that carries over much of the main display’s functionality. The premium Meridian sound system suits the smaller cabin well and I enjoyed a variety of tunes over Bluetooth, satellite and HD radio. There’s also a Wi-Fi hotspot to fully tech-out the interior.

Speaking of the greenhouse, I found the interior to be a bit snug. My normal-sized adult passengers complained of difficulty entering and exiting the rear doors. The dashboard layout has a driver-focused layout, but I still felt a bit claustrophobic due to the tight fit.

Compact cabin aside, I appreciated the Comfort and Convenience Package, a $2,235 option that adds heated and ventilated from seats, a motorized rear sun shade, and a powered trunk complete with gesture-control functionality.

The Driver Assistance Package, for $3,495, rounded out the trio of high-dollar add-ons on the Jaguar. This added a bevy of safety assists to our tester and provided me with some peace of mind on the city’s busy streets. This includes adaptive cruise control with stop-and-go traffic abilities, traffic sign reading,   blind spot and parking assist. My favorite of the bunch is the 360-degree parking aide, which wowed my passengers with a top-down view of the car and parking space via a network of cameras mounted around the car.

Pricey packages add up quick, but the net result isn’t always worth it. I enjoyed my time in the 2018 Jaguar XE 25t R-Sport AWD despite the shortcomings of its coarse powertrain and compromised interior. Yet the athletic handling can’t save it from the sour value-to-features ratio. If it was a little more refined, I’d be on board.

2018 Jaguar XE R-Sport AWD Specifications

PRICE $48,325/$60,645 (base/as tested)
ENGINE 2.0L turbocharged DOHC 16-valve I-4/247 hp @ 5,500 rpm, 269 lb-ft @ 1,300-4,500 rpm
TRANSMISSION 8-speed  automatic
LAYOUT 4-door, 5-passenger, front-engine, AWD sedan
EPA MILEAGE 24/34 mpg (city/hwy)
L x W x H 183.9 x 81.7 x 56.1 in
WHEELBASE 111.6 in
WEIGHT 3,668.5 lb
0-60 MPH 6.3 sec
TOP SPEED 155 mph


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What Dog Food is Best For Your Doberman?


Dobermans are very intelligent and active dogs breeds. Dobies do well as watch & service dogs and are also used in rescue operations. This dog can fit well in loving homes to perform the role of a loyal companion to responsible owners. The breed is better off with proper training, daily exercise, activities that keep it mentally stimulated/engaged and last but not the least a good diet. Dobie owning families have to most importantly focus on offering the best diet to their pets to keep it going and to prevent unwanted health issues.  In order to select the best food for your Doberman you will have to consider things like your dog’s level of activity, age, weight, health status and nutritional requirements. Below mentioned are some pointers that’ll help you ascertain the best dog food options for your Dobie:

1) In Terms of Daily Caloric Intake:

An active adult Dobie that weighs close to 90 pounds will require approx 2100 calories each day as suggested by the National Research Council of the National Academies. Older dogs will require precisely 1333 calories a day. Also the ones that are spayed or neutered require lesser calories to prevent obesity. A young adult weighing 70-80 pounds & getting sufficient exercise would require 1876 Cal per day. A puppy would need about 1800 calories a day for its healthy growth.

[ Buy Royal Canin Doberman Dog Food at Amazing Prices: Click Here ]

Males can weigh between 75 to 100 pounds and their height is around 25 to 28 inches at the withers. Female Dobies weigh from 60 to 90 pounds and are slightly shorter compared to their male counterparts.

2) In Terms of Nutritional Requirements:

Protein intake: The breed requires food with higher protein content and its diet should comprise of 25% – 30% protein. When purchasing food for your active Dobie make sure the top two or three ingredients include meats such as whole chicken, lamb, beef or fish. Meat meal is also a good source of Protein. Completely avoid foods that compose of meat by products as main ingredients. This nutrient should be the main component of the product you wish to select for your canine. On the flip side a very high protein diet can make matters worse for this dog that is prone to kidney disease. This makes it important to get the veterinarian’s opinion on the matter. He/she will be able to determine the amount of Protein suitable for your pet in accordance with its weight & activity level.

Fats intake: Doberman’s diet must constitute 30% of fat. The food you select must comprise of omega3 & omega 6. Flaxseed oil, Chicken and Salmon oil are great sources of these essential fatty acids. The fat content in food will help the short-haired Dobie keep warm as well as keep its coat healthy & shiny. It has been seen that their short fur is susceptible to drying out.

Carbohydrates intake: Their diet must include 25% of complex carbohydrates that burn gradually. Sweet potatoes serve as an excellent source of carbs that are easily digestible and release energy slowly to keep your pup active for a longer time. The breed can also be offered good quality grains like brown rice. Since Doberman Pinschers can get afflicted with low blood sugar, carbs that burn steadily are ideal in avoiding blood sugar highs and lows.

Vitamins and Minerals intake: When opting for food for your adult pooch, make sure it comprises approximately 2% calcium. Calcium helps puppies develop strong bones. Vitamins and Minerals help strengthen the immune system and must form a total of 10% of your dog’s diet. Leafy green vegetables, carrots, green beans, pumpkin, etc offer dogs ideal amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants.

3) In Terms of any Health-related Issues:

Hypothyroidism: If your pooch is suffering from this condition its best to avoid grains such as corn & wheat as well as red meat. Hypothyroidism can cause weight gain.

Bloat: Big deep-chested dogs are prone to this issue that can turn fatal. To avoid the build up of gases in the tummy offer your dog three or four small meals a day. Another way to reduce gas is to add wet meal to its dry food. Do not exercise the pet dog one hour prior to or after eating. The pooch must have access to drinking water at all times.

Wobbler’s Syndrome: A tiny percentage of this breed may suffer from this condition that commonly affects large dogs. This disease affects the spinal cord that causes the dog to lose balance, wobble and fall. Weight management must begin at a very young age to prevent this ailment from afflicting the dog later on in life. The pooch mustn’t be fed puppy food after six months of age. Weight gain should be a gradual process. It has also been suggested to avoid extra intake of calcium and phosphorus. When it comes to large & giant breed puppies supplemental minerals and vitamins are best avoided to prevent such problems from cropping up during middle age.

Optimum food for your Doberman:

Large breed puppy food focuses on lesser calories so that the pup grows steadily, since large dogs can grow very rapidly. Also the special calcium to phosphorus ratio leads to slow growth of bones. NutriSource, Royal Canin maxi junior and Holistic select are some good options for your large puppy. For an adult Doberman Pinscher you could consider dog food brands such as Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin maxi adult, Orijen, Canidae Life Stages, and Pedigree Professional.

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The above guide is a great way to understand your Dobie’s dietary needs and how adjustments in food/nutrients can help tackle health issues. Feeding the right amount of premium quality food ensures your pet stays at an ideal weight and enjoys good health throughout its lifetime.

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These Women Are Fans of the Ford Transit Van


Many women are becoming accustomed to Ford Transit as a two for one: a home and a vehicle. They are learning that it is a major platform to build their own home that empowers a lifestyle while being on the road.

Teri Lou Dantzler, grandmother, but not just any grandmother, works as a photographer, a champion cyclist, and a graphic artist who spends her days surfing. She is among the many Ford owners who quote cost, dependability and the country’s widest dealer network as purchase considerations for transforming a van into a home on the road.

In 2016, when Teri Lou Dantzler returned home from a vacation in New Zealand, her first motive was to explore vans. After deciding to purchase a Ford Transit, she spent the next crucial months working with her father to revamp the vehicle with everything she needed for long road trips. She wanted to be able to take the most far-fetched photos. While doing so, she ended up documenting the entire experience on YouTube.

Her fascinating experience has inspired many women to follow her footsteps and build their homes for the road.

“Now, I can live out on the road for extended periods of time,” said Dantzler in a statement.

She also added solid maple cabinetry and purpleheart wood inlays, power inverter and solar panel to recharge the battery to her Transit.

“In between venturing to unique photo locations, I do meet-ups and conduct live photography classes—all from my home on the road.”

Rebecca Gross, a former Air Force captain and champion cyclist, believes it’s incredibly easy to be productive on the road. She depends on her 2017 Transit cargo van to get her to cyclocross and mountain biking events.

“It’s always an adventure. I’m happier having control over my time. I can coach and work on the road-anywhere I choose,” Gross said.

Living in a van has many perks that go along with it, such as, affordability, freedom, and its ability to serve as a home and vehicle all in one.

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Rezvani Tank Military Edition Offers Hellcat Power


Ferris Rezvani started creating insane vehicles like the Beast to bring the thrill of an F-4 fighter jet to the ground. From there, the small motor company rolled out its Tank to give civilians a defense driving experience. Now, it’s going one step further by giving us the closest possible MRAP Army driving experience with the introduction of the Rezvani Tank Military Edition.

Rezvani Tank launched in 2017 as a juiced-up Jeep Wrangler with add-ons that made the SUV an extreme utility vehicle. Many of the options for the Tank, such as the FLIR Thermal Night Military-Grade Run Flat Tires, are already included in the Tank Military Edition.

While the standard Tank and new Military Edition pack a 6.4-liter V-8 engine with 500 hp, there’s also an optional upgrade with a Dodge Hellcat-sourced V-8 that cranks out a beastly 707 hp.

Aside from the noticeable power upgrade option, it also receives lots of defensive goodies that bring the Tank to the next level.

For starters, it gets Level 7 ballistic armor, which is strong enough to protect against high caliber weapons and assault rifles. In addition to B7 level glass and body armor, the Military Edition is also protected with underside munition protection and Kevlar heat-protected fiber wrapping on the battery, fuel tank, and radiator.

To deter threats, this extreme utility truck is suited with sirens and an intercom system that includes external speakers and microphones that your neighbors will love. Outsiders are also warned off by blinding lights, smoke screen protection, and a set of magnetic dead-bolts on electrified door handles.

On the inside, drivers can ride comfortably with the leather seat package that comes with ten different style options. The vehicle also offers a Security Survival Kit, which includes gas masks, first aid kits, and a hypothermia kit. Good times.

If you’re ready to enlist, the Military Edition price tag starts at $295,000.

Source: Rezvani

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